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Strong reservations: Mamata Banerjee to PM Modi on Centre’s proposal to amend IAS Cadre Rules


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Strong reservations: Mamata Banerjee to PM Modi on Centre’s proposal to modify IAS Cadre Policy

In a letter contacted Head of state Narendra Modi, West Bengal Chief Priest Mamata Banerjee shared her ‘strong reservations’ against the change to the IAS (Cadre) Rules,1954.

She composed that the method adhered to by the Central government in proposing an amendment to the Cadre Guidelines to make the number of police officers available for deputation as prescribed under the Central Deputation Book is something she has bookings against.CM Mamata in

her letter specified the proposed amendment is versus the spirit of participating federalism and also distress the tried and true unified plan which has existed in between the Centre and also states in the matter of the publishing of IAS-IPS officers.ALSO READ: Bengal Centimeters

Mamata Banerjee talks on Tripura physical violence, BSF territory in meet PM Narendra Modi The West Bengal CM composed that the management of states will certainly be affected but likewise it would come to be’difficult to evaluate and also prepare the administration of a state by engaging such officers who develop part of the Central Deputation Book, stuffed with the uncertainty of their sudden deputation by the Centre’. She states that it will be damaging to the spirit, self-confidence, as well as inspiration level of policemans that include in the Central Deputation Book. She added that there is a lack of civil slaves in the state.However, that is not her area of problem. She stated how the amendment might be a’dent’in participating federalism. “In the recommended amendment, a proviso is additionally sought to be placed suggesting that in situation of a dispute between the Central government and also the state government, the issue shall be chosen by the Central federal government. And the state federal government shall provide result to the decision of the Main federal government within a details time. Such an amendment appears to make a permanent dent in the spirit of participating federalism,”composed CM Banerjee.ALSO READ: The changed characteristics of the Mamata-Modi conference Released at Tue, 18 Jan 2022 15:06:42 -0500

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