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MP: Three-year-old girl mauled to death by stray dogs


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MP: Three-year-old girl mauled to fatality by stray canines

< img src=""course ="ff-og-image-inserted"> A three-year-old woman was whipped to fatality by a pack of roaming dogs at Padlia village in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh, police claimed on Friday.The incident took area on Thursday evening when the toddler was playing at a ranch in the village, situated around seven kms from the area head office, an authorities said.

“The lady was having fun with various other youngsters when a pack of stray pets unexpectedly attacked her. On hearing her screams, her parents, who were working close by, rushed to scene. However by the time they shooed away the pets, they had left the child blood loss and significantly injured,” he said.The woman,

identified as Nandini, was rushed to the district health center, where she caught her injuries, in-charge of the authorities article B R Pal said.Published at Fri

, 21 Jan 2022 01:56:28 -0500

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